Following from our simplistic overview of Quantum Physics and based upon a specific request from one of our listeners, this week we are turning attention to the issue of time in the broadest sense. This will include the notion of time, in terms of Relativity, the personal perception of time as well as the possibilities of ‘time slips’ and other related (possibly) paranormal events.



Weird news (February 3)


9th February:  Several anglers who use the historic Clevedon Pier in north Somerset claim to have been visited by a ghostly apparition on several occasions.  It has apparently been spotted walking through locked gates and talking to itself in the corner of the pavilion building.  One of the first to spy the strange figure was Clevedon Angling Club member Jack Hulbert, who called to a figure leaning on the railings looking out to sea and approached them for a chat.

He states that when he reached the other side of the pier the figure had disappeared, much to his bewilderment, and he believed his friends must be around and were playing a trick on him as they were prone to.

He said that, “I thought I’ll double check and I walked all around to see if it was shadows or the light playing tricks but I knew what it was.  It was definitely the definition of a person wearing dark clothes but I couldn’t see whether it was a man or a woman.”

Other fishermen regular to the area have since reported ‘seeing something’, and theories as to who the apparitions once was are many, from the remnants of somebody whose ashes have been scattered from the pier to the phantom image of a fisherman.

16th February:  Muggles can play Quidditch too.  Having become popular in the US (Invented in North Carolina) two Universities have recently announced that they plan to have a full-blown match to pitch their muggle Quidditch teams against one another.  Leicester University will be transporting its students to Keele University and the match will be the first in the UK to be played under official International Quidditch Association (IQA) rules.

Obviously given the magical connotations of the game described in the Harry Potter books, some changes have to be made to adapt it for muggle purposes.  The snitch has been replaced by a person in yellow with a ball tucked into a pouch on their belt, and the flying has obviously been replaced y running around!

17th February:  Maidenhead, Berkshire is resident to a hen who has recently gained something of a reputation that could be likened to the buzz that surrounded the match-outcome predicting octopus early last year.  The family that look after the hen believe her eggs can predict the weather.  In August the eggs had sun-like patterns on them, right down to the rays, and Owner Sacha Anderson, a 30-year-old office PA, pointed out that those were some of the hottest days of the year.  At one point they had a speckled appearance Anderson had not seen before, that she likened to snowflakes, just before a spell of just that.



14th February:  A cuddly toy prompted something of a rescue mission in Heidelburg, Germany when it was mistaken for a living animal in distress.  The toy penguin was spotted sitting on an ice floe in the river Neckler and as it was not moving, observers suspected it was stuck to the ice.  A rescue squad was dispatched and discovered the mistake, commenting that “It was someone’s idea of a joke about the freezing weather.”

16th February:  The Beirut river turned blood red today first noticed after a stream of unidentified red liquid began pouring from the southern bank of the river in Furn al-Shubbak.  Reporters trying to find out more from locals were told that the river is often tinted with odd colours usually due to dyes seeping from industrial plants.  The sheer intensity of the red river is what caught the attention of the media this time round.  Tests are being run to ensure there are no illegal toxic chemicals present in the ruby stained river water and results will take up to a week to process.

Some thoughts about time…

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 Time Shifts – S0me Notes From Catherine

Time Shifts

Time-shifts were made famous in the minds of most paranormal enthusiasts by the ‘Versailles adventure’, also known as the ‘Ghosts of Versailles’.

In 1901, Headmistress Eleanor Jourdain and college principal Charlotte “Annie” Moberley at St. Hugh’s College in Oxford were on holiday together in France.

They decided to visit the Palace of Versailles, and the Petit Trianon, the house given to Marie Antoinette by Louis XVI.

It was when they began looking for this house that they experienced their time-slip.

They confessed to getting a little lost along the way, henceforth taking note of some strange changes to their surroundings and, interestingly, to their state of mind.

They described feelings of depression or gloominess, despite not feeling tired and ‘becoming more interested in the surroundings’.

They described an intense stillness, a feature that is consistent with most accounts since the Versailles one, and the appearance of the surrounding woods as flat, ‘like a wood worked in tapestry’.

The first man they saw was sitting on the steps of a columned building clothed in black.  He bore ‘marks of smallpox’ and upset the women deeply as he appeared ‘repugnant’ and ‘very evil yet unseeing’.

Henceforth they were approached by a man in a large hat, who seemed inappropriately dressed considering the weather, who told them to turn left and not right.  They also described hearing running footsteps always just out of sight.

Following the change in direction they crossed a bridge and spied two men in official, green-coloured dress and a woman sketching in her garden whom was noted to be dressed in a rather old-fashioned manner.

They were then called to and guided to the Petit Trianon by a young man.

Upon discussing the event again a few months later, they discovered that though the woman on the steps had been very clearly observable, only one of them had seen the woman.

They also later discovered that the area was reportedly haunted and that Marie Antoinette was regularly seen on the steps in a pink dress and a light hat.

One of the reasons this story has survived through the ages regardless of any criticism is because the Moberly and Jourdain were so thorough in their investigation, returning to the spot several times and researching the subject and the area meticulously, coming to the conclusion that they had somehow wandered into 1789.

As well as this, they were respected academics with well a to-do reputation and used pseudonyms to publish their story to avoid unnecessary attention, further lending credence to their story as a genuine experience rather than a cry for attention or a hoax.

The two main theories against the possibility of it having truly occurred usually suggest that either they both partook in some nature of shared delusion or hallucination, or that they unwittingly wandered into a historical re-enactment.

Lucille Iremonger discussed the event from the shared-delusion standpoint in her book Ghosts of Versailles: Miss Moberly and Miss Jourdain and Their Adventure: A Critical Study where she suggested that the pair had been romantically involved and during the event in question had been so distracted by their relationship that they had misinterpreted everyday citizens as being from 1789.

Iremonger was a previous student of St Hugh’s College as was art historian and Jourdain’s literary executor Joan Evans, who also wrote about the event from the more literal (And perhaps less harsh) observation that they may have walked through a historical re-enactment without realising.

Though this is easier to believe than the notion of the pair being in a shared love-struck delusion, Evans did attempt to back up her argument with evidence of such a historical re-enactment taking place, but could find no report of such a thing.

She discovered the 1965 biography of the French artist Robert de Montesquiou which spoke of de Montesquiou’s participation in his Tableaux Vivant performances, whereby gay Parisian men assumed the roles of both men and women.

This led Evans to believe that the Marie-Antoinette they had seen sketching on the steps of her home could’ve been a transvestite, though there is no evidence to suggest that de Montesquiou actually threw any such event in the year the two women had their encounter.

It has since been noted by the SPR (Society for Physical Research) that with each new publication of ‘An Adventure’, the story is embellished further what’s more the SPR concluded that the evidence that anything out of the ordinary had occurred was insufficient to justify further investigation.

Brian Dunning of Skeptoid believes that “There was never any need for authors to introduce lesbian madness and transvestite follies to explain their erroneous perception. Moberly and Jourdain were simply human; and that, in itself, is the most complex explanation of all.”  And that regardless of their reputation or scholarliness, nobody is immune to perceptual error.

There have since been many incidents of something similar occurring to individuals and groups of people, some even bring back evidence, the story of a Mr Squirrel who entered a stationery shop in Great Yarmouth in 1973 to buy some envelopes, only to be served by a woman in Edwardian dress where he bought 36 envelopes for a shilling.

He claims to have returned to the shop three weeks later to discover a very modern establishment where the elderly woman serving that that politely informed him that there hadn’t been a different serving assistant at the time he specified.

The envelopes he bought disintegrated quickly and when he traced the manufacturer, they told him they had stopped printing such envelopes fifteen years ago.

Most accounts have several similarities:

1) A feeling of depression or sadness,

2) A feeling of unfriendliness,

3) An intense stillness or silence,

4) The change often happens before the eyes of the observer.  The most notable examples include:

three 15-year-old naval cadets whose account of a time slip began with the autumnal leaves turning to fresh spring growth before their eyes.  This was also investigated by the SPR.

The case of Merseyside Policeman Frank, who was almost hit by a Caplan’s van as he headed for a bookshop that became a Cripps clothes store upon his arrival.  Both Caplan’s and Cripps were 1950s brands.

The case of, John ‘Davy’ Davis a painter-and-decorator of Lichfield in Staffordshire in 1974, who was driving near Hopton Heath when, subsequent to feeling nauseous, tight-chested and lightheaded, he pulled over and saw the nightsky turn to daylight and the road ahead become fields filled with fighting soldiers in Civil war garb.

This example has been linked to the Battle of Hopton Heath fought between Parliamentarian and Royalist forces which ended at nightfall.

Some feel that these accounts should lead to a serious reconsideration of what we perceive time to be.

A favourite theory is that it is some kind of natural phenomena that occurs when certain conditions are just ‘right’.

Some propose the involvement of a change on a quantum level.

If you tuned in to the last episode of TRTZ about Quantum Theory (And Earth Sounds) these ideas will be familiar to you.

Tim Swartz, author of The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla, Time Travel: A How-To Insiders Guide, and Teleportation: From Star Trek to Tesla as well as the editor of Conspiracy Journal, states that, “If time exists to the extent that it has a shape, it follows that it must be made of something and that the ‘stuff’ it is made from will, at a quantum level, vibrate just like everything else does. If this is the case, then we don’t ever exist solely in any one given moment.  We will exist in a series of sub-nanosecond moments, whose chronological order will vary according to the degree of vibration. In other words, we are constantly slipping backwards and forwards in time by indistinguishable fractions of a nanosecond, as we are buffeted by the energy of the ‘stuff’ before it constitutes itself as time.”

He goes on to explain that this makes it theoretically possible for spikes, waves or distortions to occur as it is a thing with frequency.

Others point out that a quantum change big enough to cause such visible effects would require massive amounts of energy to achieve.

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