At the boundary between science and science fiction, between the world of the scientist and the mystic there is a realm populated by half-truths and wonder, deliberate deception and amazing possibilities.

It is a world where woo woo and film flam can coexist with potential and possibility. Yet it is a space where the reality of the scientist and the metaphor of mystic can interact creatively.

The Rational Mystic blog and work with Haunted Cornwall has suggested that a ‘rational mystic radio show’ would be welcomed, hence The Real Twilight Zone.

Expect skeptical debate, ideas that will excite and an approach which seeks to answer one simple question “how do you know?”

Alan Jones is The Rational Mystic

He has a background in Earth Science, Psychology and the teaching of thinking skills.
He has a life long interest in aspects of mysticism, the occult and spiritual humanism.
He accepts that scientific enquiry and mystical introspection are completely different approaches to understand our relationship to the universe. One is about empiricism thevotger about poetry. Both have value in exploring the human condition – only one has the luxury of being able to meanigfully ask for universal verification.

He is also a professional conjuror which gives him yet another perspective when it comes to claims of the paranormal.

The Real Twilight Zone brings a Rational Mystic approach to those interested in all things considered as being ‘paranormal’.