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TRTZ no 57 Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla 10 July 1856 – 7 January 1943

Inventor, Writer, Engineer and Futurist

Starting with Some News

1st May:  Paul Harborne of Sedgeley, West midlands spent over £50, 000 restoring a car.

The result?  A fully functioning Ectomobile, complete with scrolling LED display saying ‘Ghostbusters – we’re back’.  Harborne has put a great deal of effort into every detail, hooking up an iPod in order to play the sirens and hoping to include outfits for the experience so that fans can hire the car and go out for their own busting adventures.


The 1959 Cadillac was an abandoned wreck before Harborne got hold of it, ‘It’s extremely rare and very hard to restore… It’s certainly been a challenge – 50-year-old Cadillacs are hard work!’ he said.  He’s also hopeful that there will be a third film in which case his car might get its own part, however, given Bill Murray’s rumoured disinterest in any script ideas put forward by Dan Aykroyd, it’s a question of ‘if’ rather than ‘when’ on that one.


International News

30th April:  Theerasak Saksritawee was taking a careful snapshot of a jumping spider as it lounged on a leaf at the Baan Suan Rojana resort in the eastern district of Muak Lek, when the unsuspecting spider was photobombed by a praying Mantis.

He stated that “One moment it was all clear – then this thing appears in front of me.”


5th May:  ‘Dominic Deville’ of Lucerne, Switzerland, is providing an unusual service for birthday boys and girls, for a fee, he will don his best evil clown outfit and stalk your children until their big day when he will approach them upfront and throw a pie in their faces.  The service includes text messages, phone calls and letters warning the child of their impending pie-related doom.

Sound a little much?  Dominic ensures worriers that ‘It’s all in fun, and if at any point the kids get scared or their parents are concerned, we stop right there,’ plus most of the children he has stalked ‘absolutely love being scared senseless’ by his appearance.

Deville came up with the service after his favourite horror franchises inspired him and his clown mask could certainly be likened to Stephen King’s ‘It’.

Perhaps to mark 2012’s Star Wars Day, company ‘Wicked Lasers’ have released their ‘LaserSaber’, claiming to be the most realistic Lightsabre replica ever made and which you can purchase for $400.  It features the brightest laser that it’s possible to own (Legally!) though sadly this means that it’s technically ‘not a toy’ as a laser this intense must be handled with care as it is quite dangerous.  Try telling that to a true Star Wars fan.

Watch the video of the gorgeous bit of tech in action…


8th May:  Albuquerque, New Mexico is the proposed site for a ‘scientific ghost town’.  It will act as a sort of testing ground for a wide variety of automated technology, but will house no human residents.

It will be modeled after Rock Hill in South Carolina and will go as far as having functioning plumbing and household appliances, despite the fact nobody will be there to use them.

While the project may cost up to a billion pounds, it will also create 350 permanent jobs and 3,500 indirect jobs in the process of its design, development, construction and ongoing operation.  The project will mean that researches will be able to test new technology without disturbing everyday life, while ensuring a realistic setting.

10th May:  The Mayan Calendar has been ever in the public consciousness this year as some believe it predicts the end of the world, but archaeologists in Guatemala have just reported an amazing discovery that could change that theory.

The discovery consists of a small building adorned with surprisingly well preserved paintings, one of a Mayan king and others of Mayan Calendars which extend far beyond 2012.

The calendar in question precedes the oldest Mayan Calendar so far discovered – being the one in the Dresden Codex – by several hundred years.  It consists of a table filled with huge numbers which relate to how long it takes Mars and Venus to cross the sky and return again.  This calendar spans 7,000 years.  The building itself has been known of since 1915, but it has only now been excavated professionally.

Cimolais, Italy now has a reluctant Mayor.  Fabio Borsatti stood in at the last minute because he was concerned that his good friend Gino Bertolo would not get enough votes if he stood unopposed.  His entire family voted for Bertolo and he had not imagined that he might win, but he received 58% of the vote and states that “I find myself a mayor who didn’t want to be a mayor.”  His ‘rival’ was not remotely bitter about the surprise win, saying “I wasn’t upset… Something apparently unusual happened but it is nothing to joke about.”  Borsatti has no plans to resign despite his unwanted election and plans to focus on promoting tourism to the area.

Thanks Catherine…

And from Fee we have …

A Nebraska man has changed his name to Tyrannosaurus Rex Joseph Gold. Why? Because it’s ‘cooler’ than his birth name.
Tyler Gold, 23, of York, Neb., appeared in district court. In his filing, he wrote he wanted the name change because it’s ‘cooler’ and more appealing than his birth name, the York News-Times reported.
“Also, as an entrepreneur, name recognition is important and the new name is more recognizable,” Gold told the Times. Judge Alan Gless asked Gold if he was avoiding debt collectors or law enforcement, but he told the judge no and that his request was innocent, the Christian Science Monitor reported. His request was approved, and Gold is now legally Tyrannosaurus Rex Joseph Gold

10 weird and unusual phobias

A phobia is an intense and irrational fear of a specific situation, object, person or activity. While we are generally familiar with common phobias such as acrophobia (fear of heights) and claustrophobia (fear of small spaces), some phobias are less well known. Here are 10 of the most bizarre phobias.

Optophobia: Fear of opening one’s eyes

If ever an award was given for Most Inconvenient Phobia, it would have to go to optophobia – the fear of opening one’s eyes! Although the act of opening our eyes is something that few of us ever give thought to, for optophobics this simple, daily act can be a nightmare. Luckily, if you are reading this list, you most likely aren’t suffering from this condition!

Chorophobia: Fear of dancing

If nightclubs, weddings and small children in tutus fill you with an overwhelming sense of dread, you could be suffering from chorophobia – the fear of dancing. Regardless of dance ability and whether or not you are required to hit the dancefloor, any situation or event that relates to dancing can be a source of fear for chorophobics.

Geliophobia: Fear of laughter

Many studies suggest that laughter is great for our health; helping to build social bonds, improve mental health and look after the heart. However, for those suffering from geliophobia, the act of laughing, or being around those who laugh, can actually cause overwhelming fear and anxiety. Suggested reasons for geliophobia are anxiety about laughing in inappropriate situations or of being laughed at by others.

Arachibutyrophobia: Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth

It may not be a debilitating or life-altering condition, yet no list of weird phobias would be complete without the inclusion of arachibutyrephobia – the inexplicable fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth. While peanut butter is clearly not obligatory for a healthy and satisfactory life, arachibutyrophobics could miss out on the speculated health benefits of peanut butter, including its abilities to lower cholesterol and help ward off heart disease.

Heliphobia: Fear of sunlight

A rare but unfortunate condition, heliphobia refers to the fear of sunlight. Not only does going out in the sun instigate severe feelings of anxiety and panic in sufferers, but heliophobics may also experience fear of bright lights. Most often the fear or condition is associated with an anxiety about the perceived dangers of the sun; however, unless you happen to be a vampire, avoiding the sun entirely is likely to be an impossible and unnecessary task. It can also be dangerous for your wellbeing, as sunlight is good for regulating the mood and protecting bone health.

Deipnophobia: Fear of dinner conversations

While many people suffer from a general form of social anxiety, deipnophobia takes a rather more specific twist and is restricted to a fear of carrying on a conversation while eating. Although this can cause discomfort and awkwardness for dinner party guests, it seems that deipnophics could be on to something, as remaining silent while eating can actually help benefit digestion.

Neophobia: Fear of new things

While many people are wary of change, neophobia is a phobia that refers to an intense and irrational fear of all new things and experiences. Neophobia can impact on happiness and wellbeing as sufferers miss out on many life-enhancing experiences. When applied to the diet it can also mean that sufferers miss out on various healthy foods and nutrients. Research has also shown that the stress of neophobia can shorten life expectancy.

Syngenesphobia: Fear of relatives

Many of us experience embarrassment or irritation with our families at times. However, those with syngenesphobia suffer from an excessive fear of their relatives. Unless there is a specific, explicable reason for these fears, it is worth seeking help to alleviate this phobia and help you bond with relatives as research shows that forming strong family ties can help to increase life span.

Ablutophobia: Fear of washing and bathing

Although many children are resistant to being washed, this condition is much less common in adults. However, for a rare few the thought of stepping under a shower is quite literally terrifying! The good news for ablutophobics is that skipping the occasional shower can help to preserve natural oils and good bacteria that protect your skin and help to prevent disease. However, making it a regular habit is unlikely to benefit either your health or social life.

Geniophobia: Fear of chins

Geniophobia is an overwhelming fear of chins. Yes, that innocuous body part attached to the lower part of your face! Further phobias of seemingly innocent body parts include genuphobia (fear of knees), chirophobia (fear of hands) and ishicascadiggaphobia (fear of elbows). As these phobias can make normal social interaction extremely difficult, treatment through therapy is highly recommended.

The camera just can’t be trusted…

The image above is not real. It’s a computer generated digital sculpture of Korean Actress Song Hye Kyo.

The piece was created by CG artist Max Edwin Wahyudi using Pixelogic Zbrush and Autodesk 3DS Max for animation modeling.

It’s a pretty remarkable piece and extremely life like when compared with other digital photographs of live people.



A man in Hampshire has painted a picture of a Ferrari 250 GTO on the garage door of his home to fool passers-by he owns the classic car.

Chris Smart spent about two weeks transforming his garage in Bishopstoke by painting the cult, red sports car.

Mr Smart, 32, said: “We’ve had a few kids stop and stare as they walk past. Originally one of my neighbours wasn’t too keen, but now she loves it.”

A real version of the car sold for about £20m ($31m) in February.

 Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was perhaps one of the greatest inventors in history, largely overlooked and regularly stolen from, namely by Thomas Edison.

He was born on July 10th 1856 and died on January 7th 1943.

He was a genius, capable of speaking eight languages, possessing an eidetic memory and capable of picturing and designing complex devices without ever sketching a blueprint or taking a note.  He was also supposedly inspired to study electricity after he received an electric shock from his cat.

He was also notoriously eccentric and plagued by many neuroses, including an intense fear of dirt and germs, any round objects (He was specifically disgusted by pearl earrings) and he later developed an obsession with the number three.

Unfortunately, Obsessive-compulsive disorder was widely misunderstood at the time and he never received any nature of treatment.

He also often suffered from vivid hallucinations and struggled to differentiate between reality and these overwhelming ‘recurrent visual sensations, bright and geometric, which occasionally overwhelmed his sight, actually blotting out scenes in front of him.’

Additionally, towards the end of his life he grow very fond of the pigeons of Manhattan, taking care of sick and injured birds in his hotel room, including a bird he described as pure white with grey tipped wings that he claimed to ‘love as a man loves a woman, and she loved me’.

Well ahead of his time, he is directly responsible for:

  • First hydroelectric plant
  • The discovery of the resonant frequency of the earth.
  • The remote control
  • Neon Lighting
  • The electric motor.
  • Alternating current.
  • The Tesla Coil.
  • (Not the invention of, but certainly the research leading up to) X-Rays, he became aware of the damage done by them that was later identified by Rontgen.
  • The first radio transmitter.
  • Wardenclyffe Tower or the Tesla Tower, an early wireless telecommunications tower intended for commercial trans-Atlantic wireless telephony, broadcasting, and the demonstration of the transmission of power without interconnecting wires.  It was apparently not financially viable however, and later in 1917 it was destroyed by the US government for fear of it being hijacked for use by the Germans.
  • Wireless energy transfer and the Tesla effect.
  • Radar.
  • Bladeless turbines.

Amongst many other significant discoveries.  He is best known for Alternating Current, a discovery that was fraught with heated resistance from Thomas Edison who went as far as to steal pet dogs and electrocute them to death to prove AC was unsafe to power cities; despite is obvious advantages over Edison’s favoured Direct Current.  He also killed a horse using the same method.

‘Topsy’ a rebellious circus elephant was also electrocuted to death to prove AC was unsafe and filmed using Edison’s motion capture camera.

The video of the act is available to see under the name ‘Edison electrocutes elephant’.  It was deemed too cruel to hang her instead.

Subsequently, Edison is responsible for the switch from hanging to electrocution in prisons.

Edison allegedly also prevented the use of radar in the First World War after Tesla pitched the idea to the Navy and Edison said it had ‘no practical application’.  Tesla came up with the idea in 1917, long before Robert Watson-Watt.

Marconi was credited with the invention of radio, but Tesla won the legal battle and Marconi’s patents were overturned, unfortunately posthumously for Tesla.

Tesla also allegedly came up with many theoretical inventions that are still debated about to this day, including a type of particle gun that he claimed would be able to shoot planes from the sky which he called a death ray (Although it was initially called a ‘peace ray’ instead), a steam powered, conveniently portable earthquake machine, a force field, a saucer or cigar shaped craft powered run electro mechanically, and many a theory relating to ball lightning.

Tesla’s electro-mechanical oscillator or earthquake machine was invented in 1898 and it was surprisingly small, weighing a couple of pounds and only seven inches in length.

At this time, Tesla’s lab was in Houston Street, New York and the story goes that his device shook the building violently, resulting in the arrival of the police and Tesla resorting to destroying it with a hammer.

It worked by applying five pounds of air pressure against a pneumatic piston of some nature using steam.  This would result in very high temperatures and enormous generated pressure.

The reason this story is regarded as something of a myth is that attempts to replicate the ‘earthquake’ have been unsuccessful, vibrations being generated that were felt from a great distance but certainly not an earthquake.

Tesla reputedly creative ‘electric fireballs’ in a laboratory setting, writing of his findings in the 1904 journal Electrical World and Engineer as follows: “I have succeeded in determining the mode of their formation and producing them artificially…

It became apparent that the fireballs resulted from the interaction of two frequencies…. This condition acts as a trigger which may cause the total energy of the powerful longer wave to be discharged in a infinitesimally small interval of time… and is released into surrounding space with inconceivable violence. It is but a step, from the learning how a high frequency current can explosively discharge a lower frequency current, to using the principle to design a system in which these explosions can be produced by intent.”

The fireballs became more commonly known as the ball lightning phenomena, despite the differences between his described creation and the experiences of eyewitnesses to ball lightning.

Evidence of Tesla’s fireballs has never come about either, and attempts to emulate ball lightning have proved unsuccessful as well.

Most experiments succeed only in creating brief ‘fireballs’ inconsistent with the ones Tesla described.

As for ball lightning, it’s still a regularly reported though perhaps not fully understood phenomena.

Wardenclyffe Tower is sometimes quoted as being reputedly responsible for the rather odd Tunguska Event.

The Tunguska event (Or blast or explosion) was a massive explosion that occurred near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River (Now Krasnoyarsk Krai) Russia, at 7:15am on June 30th in 1908.

The blast was believed to be 1000 times more powerful than that of the Hiroshima atomic bomb and it knocked over around 80 million trees covering 2150 square km.

The shock wave from the blast is estimated to have measured at least 5.0 on the Richter scale.

However, the notion of Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower having anything to do with the Tunguska Event is widely disregarded as there is very little evidence to support any such activity, plus the Tower was either totally or partially inoperable at the time the blast was said to have taken place.

Furthermore in relation to Tesla’s Death/Peace ray, it is pointed out by Brian Dunning that has little to do with Scalar Field Theory, though it is often quoted as differently.

‘Tesla did also claim to have completed a partial unified field theory that unified gravity with electromagnetism, which is something that scalar field theory also claims. Because of these similarities, Tesla’s name is often wrongly associated with scalar weapons and scalar field theory.’

The ray was also called Teleforce, and consisted of a uniquely designed large Van de Graaff generator another unique type of open-ended vacuum tube.  It would accelerate tungsten or mercury particles to about 48 times the speed of sound from the tube by electrostatic repulsion.

Tesla used the term ‘peace ray’ instead of the media proposed ‘death ray’ as he intended it to be used for defense purposes.

The method for producing great electrical force in the range of 60,000,000 volts (To propel the particles) could have been achieved by ‘Wardenclyffe type apparatus’.

After Tesla died, alone and in poverty, his papers were seized by the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover declaring the case ‘Top Secret’ because of ‘the nature of Tesla’s inventions and patents’.

Tesla’s family and the Yugoslav embassy fought with the American authorities to regain the items seized after his death because of the potential significance of some of his research to US defense.

Sava Kosanović (Tesla’s nephew) won possession of the materials and they can now be viewed at the Nikola Tesla Museum.

The morning after Teslas’ death, Kosanovic´ states that he by the time he arrived, Tesla’s body had already been removed, and that he suspected somebody had already gone through his uncle’s possessions.

Papers were allegedly missing, including a black notebook Kosanovic was certain Tesla kept.  He says that some of the pages of this notebook had been marked ‘Government.’

Despite Kosanovic winning the materials back again, there are still missing papers.  Whether or not these have anything to do with the FBI of course remains to be seen.

The following Tesla Videos may be of interest:-



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TRTZ 54 17th April 2012 – Metaphysics : Soul, Spirit, Being



So today is the 54th TRTZ and I’m 54 today – synchronicity or what!

I know, I know – 54 – when I only look like I’m in my 40’s (yeah right!) – but as they say ‘it’s not the age, it’s the mileage’ – and no, that doesn’t make me feel any better.

Tonight we’re taking a slightly different tack and dipping our metaphorical toes into the metaphysical in an attempt to see what we all mean by the words we easily use.

Words like ‘spirit’, ‘ghost’, ‘soul’ can imply a belief system, or at least some ideas about the nature of the cosmos – but what exactly?

This is the question for tonights debate and like all TRTZ shows the notes below reflect only part of the discussion that we will be having  on air so treat them as supporting information and provocations….


Some news…

Villagers get fed-up.

The villagers of the Australian of the town of F*****G are fed up with people stealing their road-signs that they are looking to change it to Fugging or Fuking..

The final straw has been a growing number of calls by pranksters from abroad who ring up locals and ask in English “Is That F*****G” – before bursting into laughter and hanging up.

“The phone calls are really the final straw”, said local Mayor Franz Meindl, who confirmed that the villages street signs were regularly stolen even though they had been welded on steel posts set in concrete in the ground.

Drivers heading into the village often disturbed naked couples romping in front of the signs, and local entrepreneurs made the situation worse by flogging off Fucking postcards – Fucking Christmas cards and even more recently a Fucking beer.

Residents last voted on the subject in 1996 when it decided to keep the name despite problems caused by American servicemen from across the border in Germany that drove to the region just to be photographed in front of signs. They then sent the snaps back home to their girlfriends and wives.

If the name change goes ahead, they will be following in the footsteps of stadium bosses in Switzerland who were forced to change their name from Wankdorf because red-faced stars were too embarrassed to play there.

 Retirement Plan …

It may look like a tropical paradise, but Sotobanari Island is no holiday destination: there’s no natural water, dangerous currents swirl around and it’s lashed by typhoons.

However, the Japanese island has one resident who has made it his home for the last two decades: a pensioner who walks around in the buff despite the insects that come out to bite at night.

Masafumi Nagasaki, 76, has made this 1km-wide Japanese island his retirement home, living off rice cakes, which he boils in water, four or five times a day.

He throws on clothes once a week for a trip to a settlement an hour away by boat, where he collects 10,000 yen (£78) sent to him by his family to buy food and drinking water.

Teaching a young dog an old trick…

This is quite cute ….





Having your cake and eating it….



Like something straight out of a Roald Dahl book or Heston Blumenthal TV show, a London communications firm had its office lift lined with over 1,000 Jaffa Cakes in a bid to make their workplace just a little bit nicer.

Engine, a marketing firm based in London’s Great Portland Street, had the “edible elevator artwork” installed as part of an advertising campaign for McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes.

A team of artists and food technicians took a month to come with and install the 1,325 Jaffa Cake project, which lined the walls of the lift, last week.




A hamster who swallowed a toy magnet and became stuck to the metal bars of his cage is now recovering following the bizarre incident.

Pet hamster ‘Smurf’ had to be prised off the bars by owner Kate Meech, who came home to find the hanging helplessly off the cage.

 On a more serious note …..

An Argentinian mother has spoken of her shock after her stillborn baby was found alive in a morgue.

Analia Bouter’s fifth child was born at 26 weeks – around three months premature – in Argentina’s northern Chaco province.

Doctors told her the baby had died, but when she and her husband visited the morgue 12 hours later, they realised their daughter was breathing.

Some local stuff from my Breakfast Show this morning (see www.alanjonesradio.com)

17th April 1986 Netherlands signs Peace Treaty with The Isle of Scillies ending the 335 Year War!

The Three Hundred and Thirty Five Years’ War  was a war between the Netherlands and the  and the Isles of Scilly is said to have been extended by the lack of a peace treaty for 335 years without a single shot being fired, which would make it one of the world’s longest wars and the war with the fewest casualties.

Despite the uncertain validity of the declaration of war, peace was finally declared in 1986.

The origins of the war can be found in the Civil War , fought between the Royalists and the Parlaimentarians   from 1642 to 1652.

Oliver Cromwall had fought the Royalists to the edges of the Kingdom of England and this meant that the Dutchy of Cornwall  was the last Royalist stronghold.

In 1648, Cromwell pushed on until mainland Cornwall was in the hands of the Parliamentarians.

The Royalist Navy was forced to retreat to the Scillies which were under the ownership of Royalist John Grenville.

The Dutch Navy was suffering heavy losses from the Royalist fleet based in Scilly.

On 30 March 1651,  Admiral Maarteen Harpertszoon Tromp arrived in Scilly to demand reparation from the Royalist fleet for the Dutch ships and goods taken by them.

According to Whitelocke’s Memorials (cited in Bowley, 2001), a letter of 17 April 1651 explains: “Tromp came to Pendennis and related that he had been to Scilly to demand reparation for the Dutch ships and goods taken by them; and receiving no satisfactory answer, he had, according to his Commission, declared war on them”.

As most of England was now in Parliamentarian hands, war was declared specifically upon the Isles of Scilly.

In June 1651, soon after the declaration of war, the Parliamentarian forces under Admiral Robert Blake forced the Royalist fleet to surrender. The Netherlands fleet, no longer under threat, left without firing a shot. Due to the obscurity of one nation’s declaration of war against a small part of another, the Dutch did not officially declare peace.

In 1985, Roy Duncan, historian and Chairman of the Isles of Scilly Council, wrote to the Dutch Embassy in London to dispose of the myth that the islands were still at war. Embassy staff found the myth to be accurate and Duncan invited the Dutch ambassador Rein Huydecoper to visit the islands and sign a peace treat.

Peace was declared on 17 April 1986, 335 years after the “war” began. The Ambassador joked that it must have been harrowing to the Scillonians “to know we could have attacked at any moment.”


And finally… builders bum outlawed!

A US man has been sentenced to three days in prison after turning up to court wearing low-slung baggy jeans.

It has long been acknowledged that trousers which only reach the mid-thigh are guilty of a range of style crimes, however Alabama Judge John Bush ruled that the 20-year-old’s jeans were so low that they were actually in contempt of court.


Metaphysical Meanderings..


In his book, The Science of Mind (1926), Earnest Holmes gave  the following definitions:-

SPIRIT –That part of man which enables him to be self-conscious. That which he really is. We do not see the spirit of man any more than we see the Spirit of God. We see what man does; but we do not see the doer.

LOGOS (Christ) –The Word of God manifest in and through man. In a liberal sense the Christ means the Entire Manifestation of God and is, therefore, the Second Person of the Trinity. Christ is a Universal Idea, and each one “Puts on The Christ” to the degree that he surrenders a limited sense of Life to the Divine Realization.

SONSHIP.–We are all Sons of God and all partake of the Divine Nature.

MICROCOSM.–The individual world as distinguished from the Universal.

EMMANUEL.-GOD-WITH-US.–Means that Christ is in every one.

PERSONALITY.–The external evidence of individualized being.

INDIVIDUALITY.–Each one is a separate identity in Mind and no two are alike. Each is an Individualized Center of God-Consciousness. Our personality is the use that we make of our Divine Individuality.

CONSCIOUS-STATE.–The conscious-state is the self-knowing mind of man. It is the only thing that distinguishes him from brute creation. Without a conscious-state of mind man would not be at all; or, at least, he would not know that he is. The conscious mind should be carefully guarded, as it is the real man.

MENTAL.–Means that man is mentally conscious.

SPIRITUAL.–Means that man is a Spiritual Being.

Now I could have chosen almost any spiritual metaphysical text to start this debate, but Holmes’ thoughts provide us with adequate food for thought.

The issue, for me, with any form of philosophical argument is that whilst it may seek to explain experience it can seem detached from what we want to accept as reality.

Take any one of Xeno’s Paradoxes about movement for example. In an attempt to argue from an ‘absurd’ point of view the impossibility of movement Xeno presented a series of philosophical thoughts or propositions.

Oversimplifying some of the arguments Xeno simply claimed that since the distance between two points can be made up of an infinite number of steps it was never possible to actually arrive at a desired destination.

OK, breaking it down a bit..

If I’m travelling from A to B then the first step I take must be equal to a fraction of the distance between the two points. It is possible then to imagine that each step can be made up of two smaller fractions – ie we can travel half a step. If we can travel half a step, then we must be travelling a quarter of a step, and an eight of  a step, and then a hundredth of a step – ad infinitum.

So since there are infinite number of smaller steps that can be taken it we will never fully arrive at point B – we will only always be moving towards it.

Of course the moment someone stands up and walks between point A and point B they show the reality of the possibility of travel between the two points and make a nonsense of the argument. However BOTH realities are possible – one is the reality of the empirical, practical and observable, the other is the reality of the logical, possible and philosophical.

Such mental gymnastics are great for the oiling of the minds cogs in order to enter into meaningful debate. The fact that one reality is practical and the intellectual can, to some, produce an emotional reaction which causes the impractical to be dismissed. Such individuals hence remove themselves from the arena of debate.

During last weeks TRTZ I was noticing some interesting conversations on the two different chat rooms we were on. Some people were engaged in considering the discussion and the points being made in the show but most were not.

This is OK since in both cases the peripheral debates had  been sparked by comments made in the show.

On the one chat room we had people asking very important questions about the nature of evidence and the fact that having ‘evidence’ results in the need for interpretation and that this where things can get ‘messy’.

The other chat room was involving itself in a debate about God, Spirit and Science and the reality (or absurdity) of each.

In many ways these discussions mirror the different ways we can respond to Xeno’s paradoxes or any discussion which attempts to set practical, objective reality against subjective, personal realities.

Consider the following :-

Religions are systems of beliefs that attempt to explain the human spiritual experience.

All religions arise from the illusion of separation, because that is the nature of human experience in the physical form.

We experience ourselves as separate beings, separate from each other, separate from “God”, and from the physical Universe.

It is impossible from this viewpoint of separation to perceive the true nature of who we really are, of matter and energy, and of the life force in everything that we have labeled “God”.

So to unpick this and try to get a little deeper into what has been written let’s take a step at a time …

Religions are systems of beliefs

I think there would be little disagreement with this statement since we can readily recognise the existence of differing religions each with their own system of beliefs, canons of faith and approaches to worship.

that attempt to explain the human spiritual experience

OK, here we could have some interesting debates. It presupposes there is something called a ‘spiritual experience’ which is distinct from personal experience. Some would argue that that which we call spiritual experience is simply part and parcel of the way our brains can and do work.

I am personally in no-doubt of there being a qualitative difference between some of my personal experiences. Some have the quality of being shared by others (we could call this objective experience or rationality); some have the quality of being internal and the result of me conversing with me; some are dream like and some are, for want of a better term, transcendent – they appear to be experiences of things outside of self and outside of rationality.

We experience ourselves as separate beings, separate from each other, separate from “God”, and from the physical Universe

Whilst many would agree that there is a sense of being separate, an individual, and indeed as spectators of the physical universe, it does not mean that there has to be a “God” from which we are detached.

The concept of “God” is not easy to tie down…

From the simplistic notion of a human-like being who is all powerful, all knowing and ever present yet still acting as some kind of supernatural parent to the idea that there is an ‘intelligence’ behind the Universe we find definitions of God as being all at once personal, cultural and historical.

An awareness of  being a distinct part of the Universe of Cosmos does not need to automatically presuppose the existence of a divine being let alone a divine creator. Arguments from personal incredulity about the implausibility of natural processes ‘creating’ the universe to statements which suppose that because we can’t go beyond the scientists current idea of what happened BEFORE the moment of creation of the universe do little to prove the existence of a God.

Science has a pretty good set of ideas about what happened at the moment of creation of the Universe and, indeed, argue that the process of a universes destruction underpin the processes required to drive creation. A kind of end in the beginning and beginning in the end – which, I know, sounds very mystical.

Whilst arguments from personal incredulity are not valid philosophically, there nevertheless is the personal experience many have of the existence of personal truth of God. Should it be stated here that quite simply personal experience and personal beliefs are not necessarily universal absolutes or truths?

In my culture it was common for children to be told of a bearded, red coated fatman who delivered presents to good children every year. My experience at that time was that this was a personal truth. So entrenched was my belief in this character that I adapted my behaviour according to expectations.

When asked to prove his existence I could readily point to his effects on my word. First there were no presents under the tree, then there were.

Other people confirmed his existence and told me the same story.

At times I was sure I heard him, or his reindeer or the jingle of the sleigh-bells – my faith gave me some degree of enhanced perception.

Now I am older and I can enjoy the myth and the magic of those childhood day. In many respects seeing behind the curtain as it were gave me more questions and, indeed, a greater sense of awe…


Yes… about how my parents were able to execute some of their well meaning deceits; about how I could be fooled; about the power of belief ..

BUT there was more…

A real fascination for how the legend that became Father Christmas has a resonance above and behind the commercialisation of the holiday period. How pagan tradition sits with Christian tradition without there being so much as a dismissive thought when Christmas and Fertility are mentioned in the same breath …. a I could go on…

So whilst there was no Father Christmas there was a set of ideas, thoughts and intentions behind the myth that were and are important.

Back to the quote in question…

 It is impossible from this viewpoint of separation to perceive the true nature of who we really are, of matter and energy, and of the life force in everything that we have labeled “God”.

So, using my Father Christmas anaology – when I was a member of the Religion of Santa Claus I may have had been told the connections to other mystical teachings (the birth of Christ) but I could not really see from the ‘inside out’ as it were and think of a world that could have ‘presents’ and no Santa.

More importantly once I had recovered from my Santa Delusion (to misappropriate a certain well know book title) I was able to see and acknowledge the interconnected nature of thoughts and ideas which had created him in the first place.

“Santa” was much more than a marketing ploy by a famous drinks company (who, despite urban myth were not the first to describe a jolly-old red-suited Father Christmas) but was a symbol of so much more that I came to value (and of some things I did not).

Having ‘been Santa’ (that is an actor playing the role of Santa professionally) I am aware of the impact the image has and the way people  of all ages react emotionally to ‘him’. For the most part the reaction is one of joy and positivity; of connecting to memories or some idealistic zietgiest …. there is nothing wrong with this as far as I am concerned. Where it would become a concern is where the esteem and regard the character is held in becomes a vehicle for manipulation and control – a kind of extension of the idea that ‘you need to be good or else no presents’.


So let’s see where we can find some ‘common ground’.

Most of us have the ability to sense ourselves as individuals – distinct and independent from each other

Most of us would accept that our awareness of the outside world changes from time to time and place to place

Further, then, I would argue that most of us would recognise that our sense of the world outside (what we see, hear, feel, taste and smell) is limited by the sensory apparatus we possess.

Most of us would be willing to accept that some of the sensory information we process is processed without conscious thought – we would be willing to conceive of a sub-conscious or unconscious set of processes.

Most of us would be willing to accept that the way we behave is the result of what we feel; what we think; what we value; what we need – on other words what motivates us to do something.

Many would further accept that there are conscious motivations and as well as unconscious ones.

Some of us would be willing to accept that our inner sense of the world is constructed from our sensory experience of the world ‘out there’ and moreover have had the experience of being fooled into seeing something that was not there (for example)

Some of us would be willing to accept that our emotions have an effect on how we make sense and react to what we perceive.

I think that apart from a pedants need to change some of the specific wording above that most people would take the above as ‘given’ and not really want to argue too much about the claims. Of course there are some with psychological or neurological conditions for which some of the above may not apply, but on the whole we have a general agreement that there are levels of experience which we can call …

  • External Sensory
  • Internal Sensory
  • Consciousness
  • Unconsciousness  or Sub-Conscious
  • Behavioural

This is the MIND and BODY bit which forms part of objective reality which can be studied by scientist, philosophers and rationalists.

Ideas in this real can be tested against scientific (objective) criteria and, for the most part, we can set-up hypotheses which we can attempt to falsify (part of the scientific method).

So far so good..

Now ..

Most of us will have had experiences which we might describe as being ‘different’ and not necessarily related to external experiences – they are personal.

Emotional experiences, which can be felt as unique and personal, are of course related to aspects of brain chemistry but have an impact above and beyond the simple behavioural framework in which they occur.

These experiences can have a sense of being “beyond self” and indeed some of us will have had a sense of what could be called, mystical, spiritual or even transpersonal experiences.

Again brain chemistry is involved but what triggers the bio-chemical responses can be questioned and, in the absence of an acceptance that the mind can ‘create’ these experiences it is likely that we will call these spiritual experiences as being a connection to some universal source of essence.

So now we have the oft quoted trinity of Body, Mind and Spirit.

The issue of course is that whilst many of the body-mind experiences can be subjected to the questions of the rationalist, those we could call a spiritual experience may not be and, more importantly, get ‘caught’ by the web of an individual, group or cultural belief systems.

At this point discussion can ‘break down’ since any attempt to explore a personally powerful experience with rational techniques may seem like an attack on belief even when it is not.

Once emotions run high conversations get defensive and prone to logical fallacy after logical fallacy – and finally the ad homenim attacks which get us nowhere. The truth is, of course, that spiritual beliefs are not necessarily subject to the same rational explorations as are the components we see as being part of objective reality. The existence God, as well as well perhaps spirits or ghosts are not falsifiable in the scientific sense.

The best we can do is explore and seek to understand what individuals mean by the spiritual words and frameworks they use.

I found the chart below very interesting in that is seems to be an attempt to link the  “Great Chain of Being” is usually given as something like: matterbodymindsoul, and spirit to the more ‘popular’ religious belief systems.


Source: Integral Life

All of the major belief systems seem to echo the following ‘truths’..

1) The individual has become disconnected from a (or the) spiritual source

2) The personality (outer representation of the individual) and the behaviours (the interaction of the individual between self, others and the outside world) of human beings need to brought in line with the destiny, desires or plan of the divine.

3) Reconnection with the spiritual source requires sacrifice, learning, and personal commitment.

4) That there is, by definition, a spiritual source to reconnect with in the first place – a matter of personal belief and/or self-referred revelation generally following some kind of personal epiphany.

 A note for the atheists who are of a scientific persuasion ….

If you, as an atheist, are willing to accept the concept of an infinite universe – in mathematical and scientific terms – then, by definition, there are an infinite number of possibilities for the mechanisms of nature (or not) which define ‘reality’.

So, therefore, there is high possibility of a universe existing in which a God exists – as well as a universe in which the laws of nature we know or think we ‘understand’ do not apply.

A note for the Christians and others who seem to engage in circular arguments…


Counter argument to the Christ myth

Counter argument to the Christ myth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Here are some interesting thoughts …

Some of the best evidence for the afterlife is:

  • People on their death beds see spirits who come to help them make the transition. These experiences have been confirmed in various ways and shown to be objective phenomena and not hallucinations. Sometimes other people attending the dying also see the same spirits at the same time. In one case a spirit communicating through a medium told of how she assisted a dying man. A relative of the man was sought out and the information the man related to the relative confirmed what came through the medium. (see below: Death Bed Visions)OK So how can we prove that these experiences are not hallucinations, the result of expectation, confabulation, retro-fitting reports to expectations or confirmation bias?To be presented as evidence the burden of proof lies with the claimant.
  • Near the time of their death the spirits of the dead have appeared to friends or relatives at distant locations where more than one person present at the location sees the spirit. (see below: Crisis Apparitions)So how do we confirm this? These are non-falsifiable surely and, of course, such accounts as anecdotes are subject to some of the same concerns mentioned above.
  • Mediums sometimes receive communications from spirits who are unrelated to and unknown by the sitters and the medium. These spirits come through to communicate for purposes important only to themselves. They give verifiable information about their identity and cause of death. (see below: Drop-in Communicators)The Medium particularly and some of those attending already have  a belief system which is based upon the reality of spirits and spirit communication. If the information is given cannot be verified at the time, i.e. no one in the session knows the person coming through, how can we rule out expectation and cherry picking when it comes to researching only information that fits that which is revealed? The specificity of the information needs to be questioned.
  • Mediums can receive communications from spirits even when the person getting the reading is not present in the room with the medium. In these cases, the medium may not know who the sitter is and cannot get any type of feedback from the sitter yet the medium can bring through specialized knowledge known by the spirit. (see below: Proxy Sittings)The same questions as posed above need to be asked. In experiments I have conducted the mediums were unable to identify in  a reading someone who had ‘passed’ from six photos (hence five of whom were alive)
  • When people are unconscious and near death, they sometimes experience leaving their body and when revived, bring back information that they could not have obtained with their normal senses even if they had been conscious and that information is later verified as correct. “Scientific” explanations cannot explain this and other aspects of the phenomena. (see below: Near Death Experiences)This again is subject to questions about the nature of the information – its specificity. The scientific explanation of NDE’s relies upon some well established neuro-science.
  • Children have been studied who remember past lives. They can speak languages they have never heard. They remember geography, faces, and names of people in locations they have never been to. They have birthmarks on their body where they had sustained injuries in the previous life. An investigator interviews everyone involved, the children, the current families, surviving members of the families from the previous life and everything checks out. (see below: Reincarnation)This is interesting and there could be many explanations, which include cultural expectation (hence unconscious coaching) and confirmation bias. Some examples of rigorous investigation of cases has shown a bias in the nature of the questions asked by the original researchers – leading questions asked of children and relatives to get the answers required.
  • Spirits have communicated parts of messages through different mediums. When combined, these partial messages produce a complete message. The messages contained very specialized knowledge known to the spirit and were communicated spontaneously, not at the request of any living person. These messages show that the spirit lives on after the death of the body, retains knowledge from its earth life, and continues to have the ability to initiate, organize, and carry out complex activities. (see below: Cross Correspondences)An interesting observation but it does not rule out mind-to-mind communication between the mediums. The specific nature of the knowledge, the information and its clearly defined ‘spontaneous’ origin beg some questions.
  • Experiments attended by scientists and a stage magician have been conducted under controlled conditions where voices of spirits were heard, objects were materialized, and images imprinted on photographic film. (see below: The Scole Experiments)As noted by other commentators on the Scole Experiments were not controlled effectively..Brian Dunning notes” ….the investigators imposed little or no controls or restrictions upon the mediums, and at the same time, agreed to all of the restrictions imposed by the mediums. The mediums were in control of the seances, not the investigators. What the Scole Report authors describe as a scientific investigation of the phenomena, was in fact (by any reasonable interpretation of the scientific method) hampered by a set of rules which explicitly prevented any scientific investigation of the phenomena.”After reading about some of the controls imposed I feel that any competent magician could’ve reproduced some of  the physical phenomena.

    Often Quoted Individual Cases

    • The spirit of a grand master chess player plays through a medium at the grand master level in a style characteristic of the time of his life on earth.
      Source: The Survival Files by Miles Edward Allen
    • Is the validation of a style possible since we know moves of Masters are studied in detail by students of chess?
    • Could the medium play chess and was he or she any good?
    • There is a magicians ‘trick’ in which a magician with no (or little knowledge) of chess can play 10 Grand Masters simultaneously and win/draw most of them
    • The challenge of confirmation bias 
    • A scholar of Asian languages speaks in Chinese with a spirit who successfully explains an ancient Chinese poem that modern scholars did not understand.
      Source: Psychic Adventures In New York by Neville Whymant
    • So if scholars could not interpret who was available to falsify the claim?
    • Spirits of crew members of a crashed dirigible, R-101, “provided technical details about its design and construction, recollections of test flights, discussions of political pressures and unrealistic deadlines that plagued the project, and a description of the crash itself and its causes” and “the personalities of the dead airmen also came through in recognizable detail”.
      Source: “R-101″ by Michael Prescott
      † http://michaelprescott.freeservers.com/R-101.htm 
    • Interesting and I would like to see the details of the evidence, the availability of the technical information and how specific it was.
      Also see:
      The Survival Files by Miles Edward Allen
    • Relatives of a deceased child receive convincing evidence of identity from the spirit of the child.
      Source: “An Amazing Experiment” by Charles Drayton Thomas
    • Specificity of information and the ratio of ‘hits’ to ‘misses’ would be an interesting question here.
    • What were the pre-existing beliefs of the parents?
    • “Police in Nelson, B.C., have found the body of a young woman who disappeared last March, and they credit a local psychic for pointing them in the right direction.”
      Source: CBC News Thursday, January 27, 2005
    • What does ‘pointing in the right direction mean’?
    • The use of newspaper stories does not, in my opinion, constitute reliable, unbiased evidence.
    • The Sylvia Browne experience?
Now the point is not about questioning a belief, but in questioning the evidence which is presented as scientific.
As I have said several times, the experiences which stem from our beliefs are important to the individual and they bring meaning and inspiration.
A scientist’s view of a universe following physical laws is not necessarily poorer for the absence of God and of course a mystics view of the cosmos is not necessarily richer because of the absence of science.
When I share an experience with someone, I share their perception of the world and their beliefs about it. I am honored that they have chosen to share that part of their personal  universe.
I hope that when I share my experiences they are met with similar respect…
IF I present a personal experience as evidence for something I would like others to accept as being part of universal truth, then I would hope that they would be willing to question my perceptions and my conclusions.
IF I then try to convince people that my metaphysical construct is the ‘best’ or ‘only way’ I should expect questions and honest debate and not shy away from the rationalists desire to ascertain the quality of my evidence or the mystics recognition that there are differences in the way the universe can be expressed and understood by the individual.
My model of the way ‘the world is’ and my relationship with the universe is based upon my learning, my reflections and my experience and anyone who immediately assumes a superior experience because they are either ‘knowledgeable’ or ‘enlightened’ would capture my interest; my questions and if necessary the re-evaluation of my beliefs.

Evidence for the Afterlife : Source

Brian Dunning : Source


Music on Tonights Show:

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TRTZ no 53 Ley Lines, Earth Energies and Geomancy

Remember the following notes are meant to augment the radio show rather than replace it. They provide a jumping-off point for discussions as well as topics which will be elaborated upon in the show.



4th April:  Animal rescue officer Karen Hogg arrived at the rented home of a Kingswells, (near Aberdeen) resident to deal with a report of a large snake in her home.

The frightened lady called the Scottish SPCA after spotting the 5ft long snake-like thing lurking in her loft and Hogg arrived with gloves and a pillowcase to capture the potentially dangerous critter, only to discover it wasn’t all that dangerous.

It turned out to be a draft excluder!

The excluder is snake-skin patterned and is complete with a red felt tongue so it is easy to see how it was confused with the real thing.

Hogg commented that “We’ve rescued hundreds of snakes from properties in all sorts of unusual circumstances, so we had no reason to believe this might not be the real thing.  This call-out really made us smile and given that we deal with cruelty and neglect day in day out, it was refreshing to go to a job where the ‘animal’ was completely unharmed!”  The draft excluder has been named Sid and is now residing at the Scottish SPCA’s Aberdeen Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre.


April 1st:  Mattel spokesman Alan Hilowitz today announced the production of a ‘Bald is beautiful’ Barbie doll following the success of the Facebook campaign started in January by two mothers whose daughters lost their hair due to cancer treatment.

The idea is hoped to reduce the stigma for children undergoing treatment for cancer or suffering from alopecia and trichotillomania, the doll coming with removable wigs, hats and other accessories.

Campaign co-founder Jane Bingham says that “We thought it would be popular with plenty of people, but we did not expect it to balloon the way it did across the world and throughout the media,” her partner in forming the campaign, Rebecca Sypin, added that “We are not demanding; we are not asking people to boycott, that wasn’t our goal at all.

We’re just trying to raise awareness.”  Mattel have decided that rather than sell the dolls directly into the mainstream market, they will be donated to hospitals and the US National Alopecia Areata Foundation, where they feel children will benefit most.

April 4th:  A video shot in Monument Valley, on the Utah/Arizona border is making the rounds on youtube as it features a fleeting glimpse of a potential UFO.  The individual behind the camera does not appear to be aware of the unusual object caught speeding through the shot so it may be that they didn’t see it until they reviewed the footage.

It features a cylindrical something passing swiftly across the sky in a smooth motion, and suggestions from comments on the story and on the youtube footage include a simple misidentification of a reflection to a missile of some nature.

UFO Sighting – Monument Valley, USA – 04/03/2012



Another UFO circulating youtube features a fighter jet pilot craning his neck to get a look at something zooming over his shoulder.  While many comments believe that the footage is simply another plane behind the one being filmed from, it is interesting to note the pilots’ reaction.

The object behind him is not very distinguishable and could easily be another plane but the original source of the video is unknown thusly it is difficult to determine whether what has been posted is a UFO sighting or a run-of-the-mill piece of footage of planes in operation.

Additionally, a similar piece of footage is featured in an IMAX cinema release called Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag, a film featuring pilots training before they are sent into actual combat.



April 8th : Police arrest 6ft Easter Bunny after couple mistake statue for a ‘stalker’

Police officers in Germany called to investigate an intimidating stalker standing outside a couple’s home received a pleasant surprise when the intruder turned out to be a 6ft statue of the Easter Bunny.



The worried couple in Duisburg, Germany called police on Easter Sunday after being left frightened by an intimidating prowler with a ‘striking face’.

While the egg-sharing Easter Bunny is usually welcomed all over the world on the holy feast day, clearly this couple had different feelings entirely.

The residents told officers they felt in danger after spotting the tall shadowy figure peering through their window.

A police spokesman confirmed: ‘The couple said they felt harassed by a “stalker” standing directly in front of their window.’

Attending officers even had a detailed description of the suspect as they made their way to the property.

The official call log read: ‘About 1.80 metres tall, yellow shirt, blue check trousers, green rucksack and a “striking” face.’

Officers were quick to arrest the buck-toothed bunny, with one officer adding: ‘We took him into custody but he hasn’t said much yet. It was a pretty good joke and we’re waiting for his owners to come and get him.’

Officials believe the bunny was place outside the couple’s home as a practical joke.

‘UFO’ filmed over Seoul by plane passengers

A video, apparently filmed by a passenger flying over the South Korean city on Saturday, shows a spherical object moving at a similar pace to the plane.

When the passenger zooms in to get a better look, the object appears to instantly rise in altitude, shooting out of shot.

The video has, unsurprisingly, been met with scepticism by users on YouTube, where it was uploaded.

‘When stabilised, it is easy to see what is going on with the video,’ YouTube user Pseud0Name wrote.

‘The edges of the UFO are not blurred like all of the other background objects, it seems like a separate effect from the background, and in fact you can see edge noise on the shape of the UFO indicating it’s a fake.

‘It doesn’t even look right if you start to look at it hard, especially slowed down frame by frame.’


And so to the main topic of tonight’s show Earth Energy Lines and Geomancy 

“We live on the Earth and without the activity of nature and natural processes we would not survive.”

No matter what your perspective, rationalist, mystic, scientist, pragmatist or idealist this statement is true.

The natural cycles, which include the water cycle, the carbon cycle, the oxygen cycle, the rock cycle are key to our evolution and survival.

There was a time when we were victims of the forces of nature; in recent years we have come to accept the false security that we can somehow predict, and if not exactly control, we can ameliorate the forces of nature.

In all ways, when faced with the awesome power of nature and the cosmos, our petty efforts and attempts to control or contain it smack far less of egotism and much more of folly.

I was moved to comment once that there is an arrogance in some of the Green Movements rhetoric which calls us to ‘save the planet’ for such power is not within our grasp. True our very existence has tipped the ecological balance and we are in danger of hastening our own demise –  but frequently when we talk of ‘saving the Earth’ we are in actuality talking about preserving the planet for life as we know it. No matter what we do to the Earth, many of its processes will continue as they always have – with or without us.

The notion that we are saving the planet for human-kind could be considered a kind of self-centered and self-absorbed act.

However, that is another issue.

The simple fact is that we are dependent upon this blue-green planet and therefore it is no wonder that we have tried to understand that relationship in both rational and mystical ways.

The rationalist will tell you of the web of life; the interdependence of everything contained within the ecosystem – its fragility and its strength; its flexibility and its rigidity. As Don McLean so elegantly wrote:-

“Every thread of creation, is held in suspension, by still other strands of things living….”

The mystic has sought to be one with the ebb of flow of earth tides; the seasons – the passing of time.

It is perhaps true to say that all indigenous cultures have had, and some still maintain, a personal relationship with the land and the seasons.

It could also be argued that we, as industrialized peoples, have lost touch with what we can understand as a ‘sense of place’.

The First Nation peoples will talk of  ‘Earth Medicine’ which for the most part speaks of this relationship each person has with the land.

Several  years ago I was in the Canadian Rockies and was lucky enough to spend some time with a Shoshone ‘Medicine Man’,  and he reminded me of how important it is for us to feel ‘connected’ to each other and to the ‘land we call our home’.

The Shamanic  Medicine Bag or Bundle contains not only items of ‘personal power’ but items related to the land from which the Shaman draws his or her power.

The meaning of the term medicine to an American Indian is quite different from that which is ordinarily held by modern societies.  To most American Indians, medicine signifies an array of ideas and concepts rather than remedies and treatment alone.  There is no separation between religion and medicine in tribal culture and healing ceremonies are an integral part of the community experience.  To the American Indian, the natural or correct state of all things, including man, is harmony.  Far from being dominant over nature, man is seen as interdependent with other living beings and physical forces.  All thinking is grounded in relationships.  More emphasis is given to the connectedness of one thing to another than to the individual thing itself.  To maintain a correct or natural relationship is to be in harmony.  The universe is a complex matrix of interdependence.  There is a proper set of relationships for each being, a proper existing in harmony with the universe.

But I digress…

The link between peoples and land is something which was prized by early peoples and perhaps, misunderstood by later folks misinterpreting ‘link with territory’ as the desire to ‘own territories’. Whatever every culture has identified places in the landscape as being ‘special’ or ‘sacred’.

Before temples, churches, mosques and synagogues people found places in nature to celebrate and engage in practices we now call spiritual, mystical or religious. These places became known as places of power, and indeed in Western tradition we see such places used successive religions. In Christian tradition the sanctification of pagan sites , as well as pre-existing pagan practices, is easy to identify.

But, and here is the question, just what makes a particular ‘place’ or ‘space on the landscape’ special?

Is it simply because that portion of land has long been identified as being used for ritual or gatherings and hence there is a ‘race memory’ or ‘cultural link’ which resonates in our unconscious or is it something more?

I personally find some of the ideas about Earth Energy and the associated ideas of Earth Chakra Centres a little hard to digest – that of course is the rationalist speaking.

Scientifically the word ‘energy’ has a very specific meaning and it’s existence is something that can be ‘objectively measured’.

So what Earth Energies can we measure…

Well obviously the vast energies involved in the movement of the continental plates with the resulting earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis.  Here the energy comes from the radioactive decay of material deep within the earth, heat and convection currents and earth movements.

There’s also the Earth’s magnetic field which is important to our survival since it protects us from cosmic radiation. We know that this magnetic field can ‘flip’ from time to time and does so regularly (in geological terms).

We are being propelled through space and the earth itself is spinning. The energy which allows this to happen is related to gravitational mechanics as well as the standard rules of motion (mass, inertia and interaction) so beloved of Newtonian physicists.

 The Schumann Resonance

This global electromagnetic resonance phenomenon is named after physicist Winfried Otto Schumann who predicted it mathematically in 1952. Schumann resonances occur because the space between the surface of the Earth and the conductive ionosphere acts as a closed waveguide. The limited dimensions of the Earth cause this waveguide to act as a resonant cavity for electromagnetic waves in the ELF band.

The cavity is naturally excited by electric currents in lightning. Schumann resonances are the principal background in the electromagnetic spectrum  beginning at 3  Hz and extend to 60 Hz,and appear as distinct peaks at extremely low frequencies (ELF) around 7.83hz.

Geopathic Stress

I’m really not sure about this, in the same way I’m not overly sure about electro-sensitivity as a major physiological condition.

Again I am always willing to re-consider any opinion in the light of evidence, but at the moment I suspect that what many are claiming as being the effects of living in certain areas, are more to do with false correlation. A quick search on Pub Med reveals four articles relating to Geopathic stress all of which have been written by what appear to be complementary practitioners.

Now I am willing to accept that non-specific illnesses are very real and the people suffering from them are in pain. I also sense that when given a cause for their ills many well fell that there is at least some hope,

The simple fact is that Doctors find it difficult to identify the cause of many temporary or non-specific illnesses.

The point I guess is that some folks speak of Earth Energies, possibly being out-of-whack or influenced by the power-lines or radio masts in the area.

Perhaps, rationally speaking, the jury is still out on EMF radiation related to cell phones and phone masts, I mean the current research is suggesting that there is no effect, however on a purely subjective level I can see how a ‘belief’ in the ‘dangers posed’ by such things causes real illness. I’m careful about using the tern psychosomatic, but that’s what I am suggesting. (For the record psychosomatic illnesses are real illnesses – the term psychogenic is perhaps less loaded).

What I find interesting is that the bulk of our ‘knowledge’ of Earth Energy lines come from the subjective reports of sensitives and dowsers.

Now, before we go any further, I think and believe that as individuals we can and do have strong emotional reactions to places and to buildings. Such reactions may be because on some level we are tuning-in to subtle energy fields which are beyond sciences ability to measure or define.

They may also be because these places trigger emotions, memories and feelings at a deeply unconscious level and it is to do with what we bring to the place and what the place allows us to access. A group or tribal connection to a specific place creates emotional and psychological resonances which are real, powerful and meaningful,

As I have said before, the Rational Mystic in me is happy to acknowledge the power of the subjective without the necessary appeal to science or pseudoscience.

Ley Lines

Ley lines are alleged alignments of a number of places of geographical and historical interest, such as ancient monuments and megaliths, natural ridge-tops and water-fords. Their existence was suggested in 1921 by the amateur archaeologist Alfred Watkins in his books Early British Trackways and The Old Straight Track.

Watkins later developed theories that these alignments were created for ease of overland trekking by line of sight navigation during Neolithic times and had persisted in the landscape over millennia.

All of this makes good sense to me.

Along these line of sight track ways stop-over points, markets, religious sites would have been developed.

The issue here, of course, is that since Watkins’ original ideas the concept of Ley Lines has developed into the notion of ‘earth energy lines’ which is an entirely different proposition.

Alfred Watkins, businessman, amateur archaeologist and antiquarian, noticed the seeming correlation between British landmarks when walking in Blackwardine, near Leominster (He allegedly called this a ‘flood of ancestral memory’)and coined the ley-lines term, going on to create a basic set of guidelines for spotting and understanding them as he saw them.

In 1922, Watkins published a book about Leys, ‘Early British Trackways’ but his best known book is ‘The Old Straight Track’, first published in 1925.

He theorized that these lines were put in place during the Neolithic period of prehistory by surveyors of a sort as a possible trade route using a line-of-sight method and that the standing stones and other such sites punctuating the lines might’ve been sighting points.

He believes that these sighting points developed a sacred significance and that later many became Christianised, hence why there are many churches in places of significance.

His ideas slowly evolved into the idea of energy lines or lines of magnetism that could be related to UFO sightings, psychic or spiritual experience and even things such as alleged Poltergeist activity, mostly in the 60s, some time after he had passed away.

In 1936, one year after Watkins died; Dion Fortune wrote a fictional novel ‘The Goat-Foot God’, wherein the notion of ley lines as paths of energy was explored.

The notion of ley lines as something transcending Watkins’ original theories is perhaps better known nowadays, theories relating to ley lines usually based in New Age ideals and often mentioning the aforementioned art of dowsing.

Though of course there are still many who are interested in ley-lines as a historical and geographical study and a look into the machinations of older minds and their interpretation of the landscape.

Where ley lines are mentioned in spiritual terms, dowsing is sure to follow.

Usually involving the use of an L-rod or a pendulum, though some say that after a lot of experience in dowsing it can be detected via the body, known as deviceless dowsing, dowsing is described as ‘searching for anything by projecting an intent of what is desired and receiving confirmation or non-confirmation feedback through the body, usually by the movements of a dowsing instrument.’

In 1969, the British author John Michell, who had previously written on the subject of UFO’s, published The View Over Atlantis, in which he revived Watkins’ ley line theories and linked them with the Chinese concept of feng shui.

The book, published by Sago Press, proved popular and was reprinted in Great Britain by Garnstone Press in 1972 and Abacus in 1973, and in the United States by Ballantine Books in 1972.

Gary Lachman states that The View Over Atlantis “put Glastonbury on the countercultural map.” Ronald Hutton describes it as “almost the founding document of the modern earth mysteries movement.

Song Lines

Songlines, also called Dreaming tracks by Indigenous Australians within the animist indigenous belief system, are paths across the land (or, sometimes the sky) which mark the route followed by localised ‘creator-beings’ during the Dreaming. The paths of the songlines are recorded in traditional songs, stories, dance, and painting.

A knowledgeable person is able to navigate across the land by repeating the words of the song, which describe the location of landmarks, waterholes, and other natural phenomena. In some cases, the paths of the creator-beings are said to be evident from their marks, or petrosomatoglyphs, on the land, such as large depressions in the land which are said to be their footprints.

By singing the songs in the appropriate sequence, Indigenous people could navigate vast distances, often travelling through the deserts of Australia’s interior. The continent of Australia contains an extensive system of songlines, some of which are of a few kilometres, whilst others traverse hundreds of kilometres through lands of many different Indigenous peoples — peoples who may speak markedly different languages and have different cultural traditions.

Since a songline can span the lands of several different language groups, different parts of the song are said to be in those different languages. Languages are not a barrier because the melodic contour of the song describes the nature of the land over which the song passes. The rhythm is what is crucial to understanding the song. Listening to the song of the land is the same as walking on this songline and observing the land.

In some cases, a songline has a particular direction, and walking the wrong way along a songline may be a sacrilegious act (e.g. climbing up Uluru where the correct direction is down). Traditional Aboriginal people regard all land as sacred, and the songs must be continually sung to keep the land “alive”.

Geomancy – some notes from Catherine

Geomancy translates as ‘divining the earth’, and has its origins in the word ‘geomantia’, a translation of the Arabic ‘khatt al-raml’, which means ‘sand writing’ or ‘science of the sand’.

It can be likened to the slightly better known Chinese art of feng-shui (Wind and Water) which is a form of geomancy.

Geomancy is a form of divination, whereby soil or sand or another such material is thrown onto the ground and the configurations they form are read by a seer familiar in the art.

Feng Shui is perhaps broader and more suited for the everyday, focusing on how to work with your surroundings to improve your life.

Geomancy is universally believed to have spread from Arabic texts (Discovered in Spain) to Europe and while some have suggested a Persian origin, some sources point out that the original names of the figures involved in Geomancy were given in Arabic.

A similar form of divination known as Sikidy also exists in Madagascar, Africa, suggesting further influence in these areas.

Geomancy as we understand it involves the influence of certain currents running through the earth and the ability to tap into or read those currents to obtain or connect to hidden knowledge. The art is used to determine the spiritual influences and ‘health’ in an area, drawing on the fact that the earth’s energy should be ‘harnessed and also balanced when necessary.’

It also includes the art of dowsing, whereby something is located ‘using sensory means other than the five senses of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell.’

In one form of Geomancy we discover sixteen geomantic figures which are composed of four rows of either one or two points or dots written right to left.

Each line represents one of the four elements: earth, air, fire and water.

With one dot, the element is said to be active, therefore two dots means the element is inactive, or passive.

For example the symbol for Puer consists of one dot in the first line: an active fire element, one dot in the second element: an active air element, two dots in the third line: an inactive water element and a single dot on the fourth line: an active earth element.

Each combination of dots reveals different ‘manifestations of the figure’s energy.’

Additionally, each figure has a ruling element, whereby an active element within a figure correlates most significantly to the entire figure, with the exception of Populus as all the elements in this symbol are passive.

If the figure has only one active element then that is its ruling element.

The figures in full are as follows:  Carcer, Tristitia, Acquisitio, Laetitia, Puer, Rubeus, Fortuna Major, Fortuna Minor, Puella, Amissio, Conjunctio, Albus, Via, and Populus.

The figures also have correlation to signs of the zodiac as well as being specific to a gender and they are as follows:

Puer can be translated to ‘Boy’ and has a ruling element of Fire.  Its’ zodiac sign is Aries.

Amissio translates as ‘Loss’, has a ruling element of earth and a zodiac sign of Taurus.

Albus translates as ‘White’, has a ruling element of Air and a zodiac sign of Gemini.

Populus translates as ‘(The) People’, has a ruling element of Water and a zodiac sign of Cancer.

Fortuna Major  translates as ‘Greater fortune’, has a ruling element of Fire and a zodiac sign of Leo.

Conjunctio translates as ‘Assembly/ union’, has a ruling element of Earth and a zodiac sign of Virgo.

Puella translates as ‘Girl’, has a ruling element of Air and a zodiac sign of Libra.

Rubeus translates as ‘Red’, has a ruling element of water and a zodiac sign of Scorpio.

Acquisitio translates as ‘Gain’, has a ruling element of Fire and a zodiac sign of Sagittarius.

Carcer translates as ‘Prison’, has a ruling element of Earth and a zodiac sign of Capricorn.

Tristitia translates as ‘Sadness’, has a ruling element of Air and a zodiac sign of Aquarius.

Laetitia translates as ‘Joy’, has a ruling element of Water and a zodiac sign of Pisces.

Cauda Draconis translates as ‘Tail of the Dragon’, has a ruling element of Fire and has a zodiac of Cauda Draconis.

Caput Draconis translates as ‘Head of the Dragon’, has a ruling element of Earth and a zodiac sign of Caput Draconis.

Fortuna Minor translates as ‘Lesser fortune’, has a ruling element of Fire and a zodiac sign of Leo.

Via translates as ‘Way’, has a ruling element of Water and a zodiac sign of Cancer.

Each symbol also has a reflection, forming a pair with another symbol.  For example, Puer (Boy), when inverted, becomes Puella (Girl).

This excludes the figures that are vertically symmetrical.

To ‘cast your points’, the geomancer must draw  the sixteen lines of points while focusing on the question they require an answer to and making no effort to count the points they are making.

‘The sixteen lines of points are grouped in fours and the points are counted off two by two, from the right to the left, and connected in pairs, so that each line of points ends either with a pair or with a single point. These single or odd and paired or even points will be grouped to create the first four figures of the geomantic tableau.’

Subsequently, sets of figures have additionally roles.

The first four figures are known as the matres and are drawn horizontally from left to right.

The next four are the filiae and are created by adding the points of the matres sideways from right to left.

The next four figures are the neptes, created by adding together the points in pairs of two figures above.

Additionally, if there are an even number of points, two points are put down and if there is an odd number of points, one point is put down.  For example, the first neptes is created by adding the points of the first and second matres.

The last figures are created by the same method, resulting a final three figures.  The first two are testes, and the latter is the iudex.

A sixteenth figure called the ‘super judge’ can be drawn by adding the points of the first and fifteenth figures.

The figures also reside in ‘houses’, which govern over a specific area of life which can be listed as follows:

The Houses

1: Vita – Life.

2: Lucrum – Riches.

3: Fratres – Brothers.

4: Genitor – Father.

5: Nati – Sons.

6: Valetudo – Health.

7: Uxor – Wife.

8: Mors – Death.

9: Itineris – Journeys.

10: Regnum – Kings.

11: Benefacta – Good Fortune.

12: Carcer – Prison.

You can assign a question to one of these house, for example, a question about whether or not a relation who is unwell will recover would be assigned to the 6th house.

With this tableau and the knowledge of how to interpret the symbols, considering such things as whether the a figure is in a favourable house or whether the number of points in the tableau is odd or even, certain inferences can be drawn in relation to your question.

There are variations, but this is the most widely used method.

The main concepts behind geomancy involve a great deal of influence from the magnetic fields of the earth, so to speak.

Sometimes compared to the pattern put forward by those versed in the theories behind acupuncture, the surface of the earth is described as being similarly imbued with a matrix of energy which humans have long been tapping into, building roads, buildings and monuments in keeping with the design of these apparent lines of energy.

Geomancers believe that these lines are responsible for the health of the ‘natural kingdom’.

Thusly, it is also believed that discrepancies and interruptions of these lines has a detrimental effect to the area around them.

For completeness here are the various figures of the geomantic tableaux.


Listen to the Earth

Have a listen to the strange whistle of ultra-cold liquid helium-3 as it changes volume relative to the North Pole and Earth’s rotation. These sounds were processed by NASA and would not be audible to the human ear without such processing.

The Sound of The Earthheliumsounds

Auroral radio emissions are associated with the northern lights or aurora. Studies, primarily using auroral imagers and low-frequency radio receivers constructed at The University of Iowa, have shown the aurora is caused by energetic electrons striking the atmosphere and that these same electrons generate intense radio emissions over a frequency range about 100 to 500 kHz.

Auroral Radio Emission :  earthaAURA

Whistlers are produced by lightning and travel along Earth’s magnetic field line from one hemisphere to the other, as shown in this illustration. In the ionized gas that exists in this region of space, the high frequencies travel faster than the low frequencies, thereby dispersing the wave from the lightning stroke into a whistling tone that decreases in frequency with increasing time, hence the term “whistler.”

Earth WhistlesewhistMP3

Source: http://www-pw.physics.uiowa.edu/space-audio/sounds/


Music On Tonight’s Show

The music on tonight’s show has be provided by the artists and their record label : Aardvark Records

Raising Days :  Earth

The Truths : Sound of You

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TRTZ no 52 20th March : Chupacabra, Earth Singing

Tonight’s Show is really divided into two key sections.

The first is a tentative exploration into the world of crypto-zoology and in particular a brief look at the Chupacabra, an closer to home the Owlman and Margawr. In the process we’ll introduce one of the most colourful characters in magic and ‘the unusual’ it has ever been my pleasure to meet.

The second part of the show, and by far the more detailed, is based upon an interview with my guest Danu Fox.

The following is from Danu’s website..

Danu sang and played the piano from an early age, growing up on the coast in Portishead, UK. It was the sea and the Celtic that pulled her to study at Aberystwyth for a degree in Music and German. After qualifying as a teacher Danu travelled to Australia and then worked for Oxford University Press as Music Education editor. There Danu began to sing in earnest and secured a scholarship to the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London on their Postgraduate Diploma in Jazz. Professional performance work followed, with a national tour with her band Hara, launching her first album First Time Ever, and music work in many different community and educational settings. While in London another passion was discovered, in the form of Indian music, namely North Indian Raag and four years of lessons were taken with the late Pandit Chandan Misra of the Misra and Sahai families. That was a deeply influential time shaping much of what was to come.


Weird News


15th March:  Herne Bay Pier near Kent has been cut off from the mainland since 1979, and has since been subject to quite a few ghost stories.  It’s unsafe to be visited by the public and has a warning light to ward off marine traffic, therefore, seeing somebody wandering about out there is very unlikely, but today a video of the pier captured a mystery individual looking out across the sea.  The figure stands quite still for the most part, but some way through the video they appear to walk to and fro, before remaining still once more.  Could it be an apparition?  There is no sign of a boat moored to the pier, though it is possible a boat is moored on the other side of the pier where it cannot be seen.  Even if a boat is moored out of sight, it still raises the question – why is somebody on a pier unsafe for the public in the first place?  Some have suggested a maintenance worker, but if so, why only the one? Additionally, the figure doesn’t appear to be doing much maintaining.


If it is some nature of hoax, it’s well executed and you can see the footage …..


19th March:  A UFO report in Pitlochry, Scotland from 1990 is reputedly one of the most convincing accounts of its kind that exists, but sometime between 1991 and 1994 all evidence of the event disappeared apart from a line-drawing of the UFO involved.  Nick Pope interviewed for the position of Chief of the MOD’s UFO office in 1991 and noted the poster of a photograph on the wall.

This was one of six photographs taken by the pair of hikers who reportedly witnessed the diamond-shaped UFO in the sky over Pitlochry in August 1990, appearing to hover by a RAF Harrier jet also in the vicinity.  It was said to have hovered for nearly ten minutes before zooming away at high speed.

Pope said that the pair with the photos contacted a newspaper and that the newspaper went on to ask the MOD for more information, resulting in the MOD’s obtaining of the original photographs and the negatives as well.

Pope describes how people from other departments would swing by to take a look at the poster and how his superior officer was convinced that the object in the UFO photo was some nature of secret, prototype aircraft from America.  But the US authorities adamantly denied that any such craft was being tested over the UK at that time.

Pope says that “I would not put myself in the [UFO] believer camp, but if I was going to end up there, this case, in terms of evidence, would give me a big push in that direction.”  The disappearance of the evidence is certainly, at the very least, intriguing!


11th March:  Farmer Franz Knoglinger of Neuhofen im Innkreis in Austria was searching for his missing cat when he came across an almost perfectly spherical hole that went so deep he could not see the bottom.  Upon dropping an object into the abyss he claimed to have heard a metallic clunk when it landed.  To confirm his suspicions, he tied a magnet to a piece of rope to see if it might stick to whatever was at the bottom of the hole, and indeed it did.

25 feet of rope was needed to lower the magnet into the tunnel, and a local plumber also attempted to capture footage of the inside of it by the same means.  The film attempt was unsuccessful however, as there was ‘…disturbance on the line – maybe some sort of electrical field’.

Knoglinger pointed out that ‘It also sounds as if there is a hollow space around about whatever the metal object is – it sounds as if there is a room underneath’.

Since the story was reported on the local news he has had a steady flow of curious visitors.  The theories have put forward include (From Archaeologists) suggestions that the hole could have been left by a wooden timber from an underground burial chamber that had rotted away, remnant of a bomb, and of course some have suggested a buried spacecraft.

One individual even appeared with a sandwich board and the words ‘Beware – The Doorway to Hell’.

Geologists from the local council are to visit the site on Monday to investigate further.  One commenter amusingly asked, ‘Does no one remember Quatermass! Be very careful!! ‘ And if you’re wondering about the cat, she was found sleeping in the airing cupboard and is quite safe and healthy!

12th March:  Leo Deis’ Regina observed and photographed a broomstick stand completely unsupported in his kitchen, a phenomena that has apparently been observed rather a few times recently and many theorise that it has something to do with the recent solar flares.  While solar flares are well known for interfering with satellites and causing trouble with a few other devices that work on a similar basis, George Lolos, a physics professor at the University of Regina, outlines the possibility of it being down to static electricity.

If somebody was sweeping a carpet and then touched the broom, static electricity would circulate between the bristles and make the broom stand straight up.  For that degree of static buildup to be related to a solar flare, Lolos says that it would have fried every satellite currently in orbit!  So what could be causing such a thing?

Theories are welcome!



The legend of the Chupacabra or ‘Goatsucker’ is perhaps especially interesting considering how young the myth is.

The earliest traceable story of the Chupacabra seems to come from Puerto Rican town of Canóvanas from an eyewitness called Madelyne Tolentino in only March 1995.

Her story is intricately detailed, which might at first lend credibility to it though there are many other contributing factors that go on to damage it that will be explored later on.

She describes having been helping her mother who was about to move, when she saw a car pull up outside whose occupant looked alarmed.  She revealed more specifically in a later interview that, ‘His attitude led me to believe someone was going to hit him or mug him.’

It was after she came to get a better look at him that she states she became aware of the creature, walking on two legs.

The physical description she gave painted a picture of something with large protruding, dark grey eyes, that spread to its temples, with very long arms (arms which she said were drawn back in some nature of attack position) ending in three long fingers.  She also described short, well-combed hair, long skinny legs ending in feet that resembled the webbed, three-toed splay of a goose, two small otherwise featureless holes for a nose, a slash of a mouth (She points out that she did not see teeth), and feather-like protrusions lying flat on its lower back that were joined by a reddish brown membrane, all of which amounted to this 4 feet tall (walking on its two legs) creature.

She also believes it had been burnt by something, describing round marks of pinkish-purple skin in an ‘ashen’ region.

She even describes how it stood there long enough for her to drop to the floor and see if it had genitals, which it did not, being ‘plain and sealed’.  She outlines how she found this funny, laughing and wondering with her mother how it defecated.

The movements it made were described as robotic and slow, as if somebody were operating it by remote-control, but it wasn’t until she looked into its eyes that she felt any fear.

At this point she says that she screamed, prompting her mother to go running after the creature which incited it to run off, though Tolentino wonders whether it ran off because she screamed.

Its escape was apparently made in hopping motions rather than in a run.

Further description from Tolentino was not as an eye-witness but from what she was told.

She says that ‘there’s a boy that works for my husband who’s always willing to deal with animals and keeps a pair of gloves in his car. He put them on and went into the woods to catch the creature,’ and that his attempts were met with the unfurling of the spiny appendages on its back, which, for some reason prompted him to pry open its mouth to look at its teeth, which he said were very long and pointed.

After this he says that he lost the creature, but not before a child cycled past and threw bottles at it in alarm and Tolentino saw it again, this time seemingly floating rather than hopping.

Her husband, who had been out looking for parts, returned and listened to Tolentino’s story, exclaiming that he had seen the exact same creature that morning.

Benjamin Radford, science-based paranormal investigator, deputy editor of Skeptical Inquirer as well as several other media based titles, investigated this case further and concluded that her account cannot be trusted for one particularly notable reason:  she had seen the film ‘Species’ prior to her experience.

While having just seen the film recently is certainly not enough to warrant accusing her of letting her imagination run away with her, further details revealed by Radford undoubtedly damage her report.

She apparently believed that the events taking place in the film were actually happening in Puerto Rica at that time, and her description of the thing she saw closely resembles the creature ‘Sil’, a character from the film.  Even she remarked that ‘It was a creature that looked like the chupacabra, with spines on its back and all… The resemblance to the chupacabra was really impressive,’ to Radford.

Radford believes that this, thusly, undermines her story, making the earliest account of the fabled chupacabra an untrustworthy source.

Tolentino describes having seen the creature again several times, new details being added to her account including a powerful odour, a detail that has been carried to other eye-witness accounts of different sightings, as well as brightly lit eyes.

She said it smelled like Malathion poison and that ‘I was trying to swallow and I couldn’t feel my throat. I was driving along with my two year old and he started gagging in the van, wouldn’t stop coughing… It’s like taking a Chloraseptic tablet.’

The name ‘goatsucker’ came from accounts of the creature in question being linked to cattle mutilations, which were initially put down to satanic cult ritual.

The mutilations Tolentino knew of usually involved removal of the genitals of an animal, and ‘surgical’ incisions in the same area or around the throat.

Tolentino described a mysterious lack of blood as well, though this was not written about in subsequent autopsies.

She also added details of slime being left behind after an attack, though there seems to be no other sources that mention this.

Subsequent reports spread to Mexico, Central America, South America, Chile, and the Southern United States.

Puerto Rican authorities put the attacks down to wild animals, noting that there doesn’t seem to be anything unusual about the animals’ corpses in the cases that’ve been observed, of which there have been hundreds.

They still investigate cases when they appear.

Interestingly, reports from the US differ greatly to the reports elsewhere.

US reports describe creatures similar to dogs with little or no hair and the attacks on livestock often result in death but not necessarily consumption which added to the idea that creatures were chupacabras, as normal dogs would eat the remains.

These reports are often debunked, as more often than not they are coyotes or dogs with sarcoptic or demodactic mange, making them appear hairless.

This condition would also make them weak and desperate for food, perhaps explaining the attacks on livestock.  Plus young animals or ones weakened in this way can mean they didn’t manage to kill their prey in the first place and that they instead died later from shock or blood loss, again possibly explaining why the corpses were not consumed.


Other theories about the Chupacabra include the following:

An alien theory; being that the chupacabra is a pet or a part of an alien species that was left behind on earth.  Indeed, the description sounds quite similar to the infamous zeta reticuli sightings.

The idea that the Chupacabras are humans from the future that are travelling through time to prevent some significant event that resulted in their evolution or mutation into their chupacabra form.

A conspiracy theory involving genetic experimentation by the government.  The chupacabra is thusly believed by some to be a mutated animal created by these experiments.

Cryptids such as this have existed in our collective consciousness for decades, local myth and legend examples alone include the owlman, Morgawr, and several ABC (Alien big cat) sightings.

Morgawr in particular has been whispered about since the 1870s, disappearing into obscurity for almost half a century before a couple of sightings in 1920s and several in the 1970s.

The creature’s reputed appearance is similar to that described in Scotland’s legend of Nessie and is said to lurk in the bay around Falmouth.

The stretch of coast between Rosemullion Head and Toll Point is now known as ‘Morgawr’s mile.’

In 1875 or 6 and also in 1925 or 6 fishermen were reputed to have captured the remnants of a long-necked something in that area, their account detailing a ‘20 feet long with an eight foot tail, scaly legs and a beak-like head’.

The reported sightings from the mid seventies are perhaps the most convincing given that one included two separate sightings of the same incident, and that one of the witnesses was visiting from London and knew nothing of the local legend.

1975 also saw the publication of a picture of the beast in the Falmouth packet, whose contributor (Mary F) described as being black or brown and having a head akin to a sea-lion.

Sightings rose in ’76, ranging from descriptions of a hump-backed serpent to a worm or eel-like creature passing boats and another photograph (From Parson’s beach) surfaced in this year as well.

The sightings dwindled from here on until the early nineties, when sightings began to appear again with regularity until 2002.

Theories range from the existence of a Plesiosaur to mistaken identity.  It is possible that it’s a species not native to the UK as unlikely visitors occasionally crop up, including one instance of a barracuda in 2002.

The Owlman legend has also firmly rooted itself into Cornish lore and was first reported in 1976, in this instance and instances since in the area around Mawnan.

Two girls, June and Vicky Melling reported seeing a large, feathered “bird man” hovering over the Mawnan Church on Morgawr’s Mile, upsetting them so much that the family cut short its holiday.

However, it should be noted that this incident was recounted by Tony ‘Doc’ Shiels; Magician, surrealist, mountebank, and most importantly – hoaxer.

Researcher Jonathan Downes acknowledges that Shiels could have hoaxed the Owlman, but also claims to have interviewed a young man who says he encountered the Owlman in 1989, not in relation to Shiels.

Both he and his girlfriend described a creature ‘about five feet tall… The legs had high ankles and the feet were large and black with two huge ‘toes’ on the visible side. The creature was gray with brown and the eyes definitely glowed.’

The story from the 70s is intriguing also because it happened (If it happened) around the same time as peculiar heat waves and cold snaps in Cornwall, along with reports of packs of dogs, cats and birds terrorising people as well as a rise in UFO reports in the Mawnan area.

It’s also the same year of aforementioned Morgawr sightings.

The Owlman is often linked to the US legend of the Mothman.

One, more straight forward theory, is that it is simply an owl, a very large owl, granted, but a species such as a Eurasian Eagle owl (Bubo bubo) which are enormous and will attack if they feel threatened.





Earth Songs

The interview with Danu Fox covers a wide range of issues – it’s decidedly ‘rational mystic’ in nature.

There are so many points of clear agreement between Danu and myself – especially on the subjective, personal and spiritual aspects of our conversation.

Where we, if we really ever, part ideological company is on the ‘certainty’ of some of the ‘meta-physical’ constructs suggested. Our conversation covers Ley Lines, thoughts about ‘Earth Energies’ and the way we, as a society have become disconnected with ‘the land’ and the importance of having a ‘sense of place’.

Danu speaks passionately and clearly about ‘earth energy lines’ and uses the analogy of ‘acupuncture’ in order to explain ‘earth energies’, ‘energy lines’ and hence the ability of dowsers to define change in a clear, visual way.

Of course whilst Rational mind and desire to play devils advocate questions the objectivity and scientific measure-ability of as yet to be defined ‘energy’, my Mystical self is more than happy to acknowledge the personal (subjective), emotional, psychological and transpersonal effects our connection with each other and the land can and does have.

Hopefully you will enjoy our conversation and allow your own scepticism about the metaphysical/psuedo-scientific ideas, should you have any, to be put aside so you can engage in the meaning behind the action rather than the semantics.

For the same part I hope those of less objective/scientific persuasion will find themselves considering the questions raised from rational perspective without reacting in a ‘closed minded’ ( and potentially ignorant) way which simply declares that ‘science doesn’t know it all!’

Danu’s message here, for me, transcends the boundaries we often create between science and mysticism. It speaks directly of a practical and emotional way to each other, the land that supports us and the earth which we share.



Music from tonights show:

With thanks to Aardvark Records, Penwith Cornwall

The Truths – Everyones Crying Inside  – Aardvark Records UK

The Truths – Miracle Drug – Aardvark Records

AND from Danu Fox

Yemaya – Danu Fox – Songbear Music

And from Alan

Sea Meditation – Alan Jones

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